The QueensBox Co is Back

The Queens Box Co is Back

I am honored to bring you my original handmade jewelry with a focus on self-expression along with some of my own new expressions. Just 4 years ago, I launched The Queens Box Co with queens in mind that needed charms and jewelry that remind them of who they are. Shortly after launching the site, we were all plunged into a pandemic that left most of us happy to be alive. As a healthcare worker, my focus was my team as we were present on the front line each day. At the same time, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and honestly, the pandemic took a back seat as I spent only two short months caring for her before she transitioned.
Here I sit today, thinking back on my original purpose with my ancestors at my side encouraging me to live life to the fullest, connect with others, and create more! After mom transitioned, I began painting everything I could get my hands on. I painted the walls in my house, I bought canvases, painted furniture... if it could be painted it was done and if it couldn't be painted, I still tried. I had never been a painter and couldn't even draw before she passed, but I was moved to do it in my spirit.

This bag was left in the estate. Though I was unsure of the authenticity, the quality was amazing. This ellipse bag was given new life with art.
Queens, here we are! I hope to create and curate for you something unique. Most of all, I hope I am able to share something you can connect to as we all share this life and these times. As each piece is hand selected and made individual, subscribe to get emails and notifications about new products. Even if you come to just admire the artistry, I encourage you to check out what's new.
Stay Blessed,
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