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Adinkra Duafe Bangle

Adinkra Duafe Bangle

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Adinkra, originally the name of a king, which is now the name of symbols that appear on cloths made in West Africa used in ceremony such as weddings and funerals. They can express ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

The Duafe or "wooden comb" and is a symbol of the qualities of feminine goodness; patience, prudence, love and care. The duafe was a prized possession and was used by women to braid and comb their hair. This symbol is also recognition of a special energy that women possess.

* Comes with all charms pictured + crystal of your choice.
• Adjustable bangle from 2.5 in to 3.25 in. more in addition to regular size
• Handmade.
• Duafe charm - 1" x 1" (size of a quarter)
• Mini charms - Africa, Made with love - 0.41" x 0.51"
• Stainless steel bangle.
• Ships to U.S. and international.
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